About Us

The Grande Krewe partners have been great friends for years. Our dream come true in 2015 was to have a destination that locals and tourists can visit and feel at home. We made it happen against all odds. Great things to drink, a little music, wine store dogs and interesting people make Grande Krewe a happy place. And Jay, our Manager, makes it all work on a daily basis.

Krewe News

Meet the Krewe

Jane Cooper

Loves: Chateauneuf du Pape

Jane Cooper has been a resident New Orleanian since 1985. She, like many, visited the city once and decided to move to New Orleans. Milwaukee, Wisconsin is now only her birthplace—not home. She has made a career of helping people navigate healthcare and insurance. Jane is very passionate about her lifetime work and is just as passionate about wine.

Roy Arriola

Loves: Bourbon

Roy Arriola is a native New Orleanian. Born and raised in the historic Treme neighborhood of New Orleans, Roy has witnessed the many evolutions of our Marigny and Treme neighborhoods. He enjoys wine and wants to provide a vehicle for each Grande Krewe customer to learn something new about wine. Roy wants to share with his neighbors—old and new.

Bob Heaps

Loves: Napa Cabs

Bob Heaps, also from Milwaukee, immediately fell in love with the great city of New Orleans his first visit here. Since officially becoming a resident, Bob, better known as ‘Roberto’ has worked tirelessly to make the Grande Krewe wine store concept a REALITY. And…wait until you attend a Roberto-hosted tasting! It’s a fun learning experience with GOOD wine.

Carla Arriola

Loves: Champagne

Carla Arriola is also a lifetime resident of New Orleans. Her Pilates sessions are legendary. She appreciates drinking old wine favorites and LOVES trying new wines–creating new wine favorites. Carla is excited for the Grande Krewe wine store customer to do the same.

Jay Brown

Loves: Whiskey and Wine

James Brown has lived in New Orleans his entire life. He is a big whiskey and wine enthusiast that loves to put people on to new existing products!


Loves: Dog biscuits dipped in champagne

Deuce, a handsome rescue Pug and the wine store dog, will welcome any dog friends that visit the store.


Loves: The Customers